Back to School: COVID Edition

As we gear up to send our children back to school, there are some things we need to consider, as we (and our children) enter unprecedented territory.

There seems to be a divide between those who are appalled at the mandates, and those who believe the mandates are just not strict enough.

The way I see it, we have a 3 main issues to consider

  1. The health, safety, and efficacy of students and/or teachers wearing masks.
  2. The chemical burden that new sanitizing protocols will have on the children.
  3. The long term psycho-social effects that these mandates will have on our children. 

The Health, Safety & Efficacy of Students/Teachers Wearing Masks

If you have not yet seen it, Shawn Stevenson has created a short documentary on the history, safety, and efficiency of mask wearing.  I would highly recommend you watch it for an in-depth look at the use of masks over time, to help you form an educated opinion on whether masks are justified for our children or not (let alone for a community at large).

Some quick facts that we may consider when it comes to our children wearing masks all day.

  • Asymptomatic (AKA healthy) people have been found not to be spreaders (see study).
  • There has not been a single child fatality caused by COVID-19 (see stats).
  • Children rely on seeing faces to develop and learn social cues.
  • Children are more likely to be successfully abducted when wearing a mask.

From those facts alone, it should be deemed not only ineffective, but unethical to mask children at school.

What you can do:

  • Get a medical exemption for your child.  Anxiety over wearing a mask or difficulty breathing when masked are reason enough.
  • Empower your children to speak up against bullies who may make them feel like they’re doing something wrong by not wearing a mask.
  • Find like minded parents at your school to petition against the use of masks at school.
  • Call your municipal government to express your concerns.

The Chemical Burden of Sanitization Protocols

The chemicals in conventional cleaners have been proven hazardous to health.  Now, with heightened sanitation protocols going into school, with no transparency from these schools as to what their chemical cleaners will consist of, these harmful chemicals will be surrounding our children all day long.  They will be touching and breathing them on a daily basis.

They will also be given hand sanitizer on a regular basis which will kill the important microbiome that lives on the skin, that is IMPERATIVE to optimal health.

We will be sterilizing our children, and depleting their gut and brain health, slowly, on a daily basis, setting them up for a lifetime of illness. 

Not-so-fun Fact: There is an uncanny correlation between the use of DDT (that used to be sprayed all over children, and even embedded into baby room wallpaper to “keep the critters away”) and the incidence of paralytic polio.  Paralysis that occurs because of damage to the spinal cord, which is caused by a high neurological chemical load. DDT is now banned in most places, but not in India where polio is still a significant health problem.  There is a theory that we may see a “comeback in a polio like virus”.  Perhaps because of the chemical load our children will have to bear to keep the schools “safe and clean”? (a couple great books to read about polio history and its connection to chemical burden are Dissolving Illusions, and Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the changing nature of childhood illness).

What you can do: 

  • Contact your child’s school and ask for a list of products they will be using in and around the children and the ingredients in them.  Ask for both in classroom and common area cleaners that will be used by the janitors.
  • Send your children to school with a natural alternative to hand sanitizer.
  • Empower your children to stand up for themselves, and speak up if they would prefer to wash their hands instead of using sanitizer altogether.
  • Petition for natural alternatives to chemical cleaning supplies being used.

Long Term Psycho-Social Effects of COVID Mandates in Schools

There are a couple significant problems associated with children wearing masks and having their superiors masked as well:

  1. Children rely on social cues to develop their ability to function properly in society.  Seeing your superiors with half of their face covered, will greatly impede in their ability to progress in this area.  
  2. Wearing a mask will make a child feel like they are a walking disease.  If they take it off they can kill their grandparents.  They are being taught not to trust their incredible bodies and immune systems to protect them and their families from disease.  Even children that are feeling well, will have an internal belief that they are sick.  There is a term used for these kinds of psychologically damaging beliefs being instilled into people, and that is called Münchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

What you can do: 

  • Explain these problems to your children so that they understand that nothing about this is not, nor will ever be, normal.
  • Expose your children to lots of unmasked people that they can socialize with in person.  Friends, family, neighbours.  Anyone who understands that healthy, asymptomatic people are not a threat to their health and life. 
  • Pull your children out of the public school system, and create a micro school with like-minded families where you can give them access to an education that is not impeded by masks, chemicals, and keeping distance from their peers.

In Conclusion

The risk/harm of these new school mandates, in my (well researched) opinion, far outweighs the benefit, and it’s up to us as parents to stand up for our children and demand that they have the ability to resume life as they knew it pre-covid, before these damages alter their physical, mental, and emotional health permanently. 

Let’s take our power back so that we can stand up for the future of our childrens’ health and well-being.

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