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Learn how to incorporate fasting into your life for weight loss.

As women, whether we are pre or post menopause, our hormones need to be supported in very specific ways in order to continue to thrive throughout our many life phases. Fasting can be an incredible tool to help you lose weight when utilized correctly.

Come and learn the fundamentals on this live and interactive Masterclass!

Live Masterclass

July 5, 2024
8:30pm Eastern Time


  • How to navigate fasting as a menstruating woman
  • How to navigate fasting as a non-menstruating woman
  • Hormone Cheat Sheet to helo you navigate different times of the month
  • How to properly nourish your body outside of fasting windows
  • Fitness Considerations
  • Inner Work Considerations

Steph is a lifelong fitness professional, holistic nutritionist, and shadow work enthusiast.

She helps busy moms find realistic ways to optimize their health and body composition.

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