Work with Steph

Welcome to Shadow Work with Steph! This is a challenge designed to help you thrive in any area of your life where you feel stuck (career, health, relationship etc). The process will help you rid yourself of old unconscious programming that is keeping you stuck in unhealthy mindsets and patterns that create repetitive hardship in your life. Going through this process will give you the tools to unpack and release anything that no longer serves your soul's best interest.

This challenge runs seasonally. Sessions run live and interactive on zoom, however, you are not obligated to engage in any way you don't feel comfortable. You can choose to show up with camera on or off, audio on or off, engage in the chat, or not at all. The important thing is that you show up and do the work!

Stay in the loop for the next round, and learn how to tap into authenticity, alignment, and a heightened sense of self, so that you can thrive in any/all areas of your life (health, career, relationships etc.)

Here is what we will cover:

Module 1: What’s Your Story (highlight themes, limiting beliefs, patterns, habits, traumas)

Module 2: Shifting perspectives and working through limiting beliefs

Module 3: Radical self responsibility & introspection.

Module 4: Expressing Gratitude for adversity.

Module 5: Integrating the lessons through intention and boundary setting.

Once you learn this process, you will be able to repeat it in any difficult situation going forward. This work has changed my life and I'm excited to walk you through it!

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