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Upgrade Your Health in 2022!

Over the last couple years, it has become very clear that we must take our health into our own hands, not only for disease prevention, but for having the resilience to get through hard times. If your gut is happy, you will be too. Let's kick anxiety and digestive issues to the curb by taking responsibility for what goes into our bodies!

In this 90 minute live and interactive workshop, we will cover the basics of eating for health, the top toxic ingredients in your pantry and how to switch them out for something more health promoting.

You will also receive a PDF printout of resources as well as a recipe book that incorporates everything you just learned!

Here is what you'll learn:

  • What is inflammation and why should we care?
  • How to make your diet more anti-inflammatory.
  • Top ingredients to avoid in packaged foods.
  • Making simple upgrades for a big health impact.
  • Other lifestyle considerations for optimzing health.

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Presented by

Stephanie Sibbio, CNP

March 22, 2022
8:30pm Eastern Time

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