Must Haves for New Mamas
It all starts when you have to create a registry and you realize… HOLY SH!T there are so many thingggggs!!!

Of course you register for all of it, and then learn quickly that a lot of things are unnecessary. ¬†I didn’t experience too much of that, because I work with new and expecting mamas and I did lots of research (aka bombarding my clients with a million questions) before I decided on what I needed.

So this post is dedicated to the mama to be who has no idea where to start when it comes to getting what you need (and not what you don’t need) for your baby on the way!

I’m going to keep this list as simple as possible, and remember, every baby is different, so what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa! Disclaimer: I’m not sponsored by any of these companies, just one mama sharing her truths ūüėČ



Stroller: Uppababy Vista with Mesa Car Seat

This stroller is all the rage, and I can see why! It’s smooth, has large wheels in the back for trekking through snow or uneven terrain, and has an easy attach system where you can switch between car seat, bassinet (that I only used twice) and regular stroller seat. ¬†They can also face to or away from you, and the stroller can be adapted to add another baby later!

Carrier: The Ergo 360 with infant insert

This thing is structured and secure and baby gets into a nice supported squat position for ergonomic carrying for mom and baby (hence the name). ¬†I initially got a material wrap (human + mother) and it really didn’t work for me. ¬†She didn’t feel secure in it and she also hated it, so I caved and bought the infant insert to the ergo and all was right in the world again.

Braving the Winter

The next two items are for my true north mamas who need to get out for walks even when the air hurts your face.  Blankets and hats can only do so much, and putting a baby in a snowsuit and then trying to strap them into a carseat is not easy, or safe for that matter.

7am Enfant Blanket (AKA the sleeping bag)

This thing is life-saving! I put her in a sweater, gloves, booties and a little hat, and this thing does the rest. ¬†It blocks out wind and keeps her super warm even on the coldest of days. ¬†Sometimes I even put a little swaddle blanket over her legs for some extra warmth, but I doubt it’s even necessary with this thing.

Bridge The Bump Jacket Extender

Sometimes, the best place for baby to be, is attached to you. ¬†I didn’t want to go all winter without using my carrier, so I found this amazing solution. ¬†They fit the extender to your existing winter coat! So I throw on my ergo 360 an then zip her into my coat! This will also come in handy when it’s really snowy and I don’t feel like pushing a big stroller through it.


When your priorities shift from “what looks nice” to “what can I get my boob out of quickly and easily”

All The Bras

The Bravado bra is great for every day and working out.

The Mayana Geneviere bra is great for dressing up or feeling sexy (yes mama.. you’re allowed to feel sexy!)

Nursing Pads

I don’t know about you, but my boobs are leaky. ¬†I can’t get dressed without throwing a pair of nursing pads into my bra.

I like the Natracare disposable ones.  (the organic cotton ones are fine too but they start to smell musty after a few washes)

Keeping Baby Happy

This is an overwhelming one when you’re trying to decide what to get. ¬†For me it came down to the mamaroo and the graco rocker. ¬†Here is what I found…

Graco Rocker

Good old classic back and forth and side to side rocking for the win! The mamaroo does all these fancy movements, but a lot of babies don’t love it. ¬†As I write this, my 5 month old is sleeping soundly in her rocker (and has been for over an hour). ¬†Need I say more? It’s also quite compact for condo living.

Baby Bjorn Bouncer

If I had to choose one item over everything… this would be it. ¬†She sits in this thing while I use the washroom, shower, brush my teeth. ¬†Happily! When she was younger she would even nap in it. ¬†It has 3 levels and when they get stronger, they can bounce it themselves. ¬†I literally carry it up and down the stairs wherever I go so it’s always accessible. ¬†We even bring it to my workout classes!

What I haven’t found useful yet: pack n play – although there’s still time to get use out of that

Another great thing to have is some sort of play mat where they can practice tummy time, and lots of stimulating touch and feel toys ūüôā

Organic Diapering

Okay, I know diapers are pricey, but this is one thing I wasn’t willing to compromise on. ¬†Conventional diapers have bleach and other chemicals that I’m not willing to put up against my brand new baby’s private parts! We are 5 months in and have had no rashes or discomfort to this point, and once I learned that the ‘flap’ needed to be out, we stopped getting leaky diapers.

Bambo Nature Diapers

These Danish made, eco-friendly diapers are my fave, and of all the organic diapers, they tested the best for comfort and absorption.  Here is the youtube video I referenced to make that decision.

Aleva Bamboo Wipes

These are the cleanest wipes that are made with organic aloe vera, chamomile, natural tea tree oil and lavender oils. ¬†I feel good wiping my baby’s bum with these.

Charlotte’s Bum Butter

This whipped, natural bum butter is made with all natural oils.  I use the newborn version, as it is literally so clean you could eat it.  It goes on smooth, not sticky, and keeps her little bum moisturized and free from rashes!

Now, of course there are more things that you need like clothing, toys, books, bottles if you’re bottle feeding etc etc.

This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but just the big ticket items that I literally cannot have lived without over the last 5 months. ¬†As she grows, her needs will change and evolve, and many of these things will become unnecessary, but that’s just how it goes!

I encourage you to do your own research, but hopefully this has helped you narrow your decisions down a little! Good luck!